Rights are Trading for Two Gabelli Rights Offerings

Rights for two Gabelli offerings are trading now:

GDLXR: Rights to buy  the GDL fund Preferred B.

GRXRT: Rights to buy the GRX closed-end fund at $6.50.

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2 responses to “Rights are Trading for Two Gabelli Rights Offerings

  1. Richard Okupniak

    George, EVV just announced a 10% reduction in its monthly distribution as well as a possible change in the make up of that distribution. Does this change your view of it (March 21st, 2011) as a good long term holding for retirement accounts?

  2. Richard-
    EVV may drop in price over the next few days because of the distribution reduction, but I have found this can often provide a good entry point for new purchases as long as the underlying NAV value holds up. Since the last ex-div date of March 8, the net asset value of EVV has been holding up pretty well, and has increased from 16.89 to 16.95.

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