Amazing Trend Persistence in TFCIX

I have posted on TFCIX previously. It invests in distressed investments across the credit spectrum.

The fund is showing amazing trend persistence. You often see bond funds have a win streak where they are up or unchanged for N days in a row where N>10.  TFCIX is currently exhibiting such a streak and has been up for 13 consecutive days (as of the close Dec. 17). What is unusual is that all 13 days have been up days, with no unchanged days. I follow many other bond funds, and don’t know of any that have been that consistent over the last few weeks.

TFCIX has a 2% exit redemption fee for holding periods under 1 year, so it cannot be traded. But the  long win streak may mean the fund is experiencing significant fund inflows.


One response to “Amazing Trend Persistence in TFCIX

  1. After I saw your post over a month ago, I did some research on it and bought TVCVX. It has been rallying since then. Thanks for your post!

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